Broadband internet is coming under one rate across the country

There is a kind of ‘anarchy’ going on in the country with broadband internet services. As there is no specific policy, the companies are collecting money from the customers. Somewhere connection fee is taken, again where it is not taken. Monthly fees vary between town and village.

Broadband internet is being brought under one rate across the country by addressing the issues. Shyam Sundar Sikder, chairman of the Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC), said the plan was to bring the country under the ‘One Country One Rate’ tariff.

The BTRC chairman further said that now broadband internet has reached many places in the villages as well. So it is very important to bring it under a policy. I found out that the village has to spend almost twice as much as the city. The details of our plan will be announced tomorrow, Sunday (June 8).